The Septum Ring: Friend or Foe?

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We live in a confusing world where something can one day be totally unheard of and the next be worn on a celebrity and considered cool. Thus follows the question: DO WE LIKE THIS JUST BECAUSE RIHANNA IS DOING IT?! I mean, Rihanna is such a leader in so many movements already so she probably could wear a bag over her head and the masses would follow. 
So what about the septum ring?
Some may compare the look to that of a bull's face, but to be honest, I'm kind of digging this one. I definitely don't have the balls to go to the parlor right now and pierce that baby into my nose forever, but I'm willing to buy a fake on Etsy and call it a day. So let's discuss the pros and cons, beginning with cons.


Cons. Do we really want to look like bulls? The metallic object is so smack dab in the middle of the face that it really is hard to ignore. I would be scared that I wouldn't be taken seriously. The septum ring has always had a sketchy underlying tone that goes with it... is the one second trend worth it?

Pros. It looks dope!!! Rihanna rocks it, which means I can rock it (even though I am not a hot, talented performer from Barbados). But guess who else is wearing one? Lady Gaga. Jessica Biel. Scarlett Johansson. Okay, this one is a game changer. Scarlett seems to know what she is doing with her life, and she pulls it off so elegantly. Who knew the septum could go with a cocktail dress? She makes me believe that the ring doesn't only have to be attached to a bull. Moreover, there are so many gorgeous ornamental designs available. According to this article by Top Inspired, the Tribal Septum ring is the most popular. Apparently, piercing it is medium pain, it doesn't leave a scar, and takes relatively quickly to heal after removal. Just make sure you don't get a ring that takes up half yo' face!

Septum Ring

My conclusion: I love it. I think if you've got the nose, why not? There is something so interesting about the way it juxtaposes a full lip or slims a nose bridge. It can definitely be flattering if done right. 

Hope you enjoyed. 
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