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I believe that the blogs you follow say a lot about who you are. Following other bloggers is a way of finding inspiration in people who you don't really know, but you feel like you can relate to. I find that reading someone else's blog is such a great way to get to know someone, almost like going through a photo album. I especially admire those who are willing to share their most personal moments with the internet. Sharing what you love and do brings joy to the reader, and most importantly, the writer.
Maybe you can get to know a little more about me as I share some of my favorite blogs. 

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere is probably my number one blogger for an abundance of reasons. First, I admire her style in every aspect of her life. Her clothes are always laid back with a touch of adult sophistication. I've been following her for awhile, so I've seen her style transform as she's grown from a trendy young adult to a fashionable mother. Second, I love that she is confident enough to share her personal moments with her readers including her gorgeous wedding and beautiful birth story. She works full time on her blog with her husband, which I find absolutely adorable. I appreciate that she treats her website like it is her business (which it is) resulting in professional pictures and stories. Many times she's posted helpful career advice, showing that she cares about her readers' futures. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention her food recipes! Emily often cooks Jewish food with a modern twist, which I love because I am also Jewish. All in all, Cupcakes and Cashmere is a fabulous blog for those interested in a woman who really has mastered the perfect lifestyle blog. 

image via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Collage Vintage


Collage Vintage captured my attention the first time I visited it almost 6 years ago. It was my first fashion blog that I regularly follow and still do to this day. Sara Escudero has a very European, Zara-esque style that contributes to my knowledge of whats happening trend-wise overseas. She is never an outfit repeater and always has fresh takes on sophistication. Her pictures are always well edited, her website is very clean, and her posts are bilingual. My only complaint would be that she frequently posts magazine editorials, but that's a personal issue since I'm not really an avid magazine editorial fan. Check out Sara's blog for a look into classy wear from a hot Spanish mama!

image via Collage Vintage

Sincerely, Jules


Jules of Sincerely, Jules DEFINES casual sexy. Her outfits mainly consist of denim, cottom, and maybe some leather here and there. If you are looking for warm weather outfit inspiration, this girl has got you. I also would like to mention her flawless tan that makes me cringe every time I peek at my typing pale hand. But seriously, Jules has lovely well edited photos as well as an easy website layout. I'm not a huge fan of the complicated layouts that take forever to really digest. I like when the outfits are there right in front of your face for easy access (I know, I'm a lazy gal). For those who are attempting to understand the Los Angeles chillin' lifestyle, Jules is for you. She's got that "I juice even though I'm skinny enough that I don't really need to" look down solid. All in all, she is a great follow and I highly recommend this blog. 

image via Sincerely, Jules

Karla's Closet


Karla from Karla's Closet makes me want to cry and sing at the same time. Her body is fierce as hell. Her vintage meets seductive clothing repertoire is to die for. Her feet are probably going to fall off by the time she is 30 because she is always wearing a soaring pair of stilettos. But pain is gain. I also have been following her blog from my humble beginnings. I guess I've always been attracted to her total confidence in style. She seems to really not care about trends as much and just wears what she loves and knows she looks hot in. I admire that she has been sporting a shorter hair-do for most of her fashion blogging career. Most people can't really pull off the boy haircut, but she does it with spunk and grace. You can also actually shop her closet which mostly consists of really unique vintage items. You will not regret scrolling through her outfits, even if it isn't your style, you have to admit she is beyond fierce. 

image via Karla's Closet

The Beauty Department


The Beauty Department, known as Marie Claire's favorite beauty blog, gives you the inside on anything and everything relating to beauty. You know those awesome hair tutorials you see on Pinterest that look gorgeous, but impossible to do? Yep, that's from The Beauty Department. Even though most of their tutorials seem impossible, the pictures are pretty to look at. I love their fun makeup ideas because they usually are fresh and unique. If you are ever having any hair troubles, bobby pin malfunctions, or pimple problems The Beauty Department has a solution. Amy Nadine, Kristin Ness, and famous Lauren Conrad are always thinking of innovative beauty tips to contribute to the online community.

image via The Beauty Department

The Man Repeller

Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller, is an all-star woman and we should all bow down. 
1. Her unforgiving outfits prove that women dress for themselves (maybe another girl friend or two) BUT THAT'S IT. No men allowed. Just kidding, I'm pretty sure she's happily married to a male, but STILL. She dresses like erry day is fashion week and she is the only VIP. 
2. She is also HIGH-LARIOUS. Anyone who enjoys comedy writing will surely laugh while reading her stories. She is an incredible writer who on top of that writes on the thing we all know and love: fashion. 
3. She discusses cultural issues showing that fashion writers can write on anything! She paves the literary road for females striving to have voices on modern society. Loving clothing and beauty DOES NOT mean you don't have opinions on other issues. Gals can comment on whatever they want while wearing leopard stilettos and red lips. BOOM.  

image via The Man Repeller

All in all, I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite blogs and I hope you find them delicious to the eyes and soul. I think each of these blogs offers something to my life, and I only can wish they do the same for you, reader. 

Until next time!