Silver Hair: Yay or Nay?

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Never in a million years did I think going grandma would be a trend forced to be reckoned with. 2015 has brought many new and exciting looks, one of which being the "silver fox" do. Ok. Let's just establish right now that in this situation "silver" means gray with a slight polish. I don't know who started this granny party, but I have to say if done well, the look isn't half bad. I think I've seen enough positives to cancel out the negatives. The combination of gray with other colors such as pink or blue can make the gray work with a bit of youth thrown in. As long as the texture or actual style of the haircut says "young", than we have a deal. Also, be aware of the outfit paired with silver hair... you don't want to fall down that dangerous hole and look like you belong in another decade, k thx.
Also Rihanna's doing it?! This seems to be a theme on this blog. 

grey purple hair

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What people are willing to do to be different is always interesting and fun to discuss. 
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